Confectionary Holding in favour of the integration of people with disabilities

Confectionary Holding is part of the increasing sensitivity and integration campaign “Changing lives” and It joins the Adecco manifesto in favour of the integration of people with disabilities.

On the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities, the Spanish nougat group collaborates with “Changing lives” (#Cambiando Vidas), the consciousness raising campaign for the diversity and integration, that it is promoted by Adecco Foundation.

Confectionary Holding is committed to the acceptance of diversity and people with disabilities, and supports their labour and social integration. Besides, it has promoted the corporate dialogue in order to remove the existence of mental barriers and to aim the involvement of all stakeholders.

At the same time as this collaboration is accomplished, the Spanish nougat company has continued with its labour of corporate social responsibility. Each year, the holding collaborates with those populations who need them the most.

In their recent activity, it can be highlighted the Unicef children’s programme, Manuel Peláez Foundation, Food Bank, or “One toy. One illusion” campaign, among other examples. Because of the International Day of people with disabilities, Adecco Foundation will present the short film “Semillas” (Seeds) in addition to the Ability Manifesto for disabled people.




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