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Growing our Ingredients

The Confectionary Holding Group was considered a benchmark company in the food industry in the last International Congress of Supply Chain held for the first time in Spain, in Barcelona.

Our philosophy is based on the control of the entire chain of supply from the source until the product is sold; this is achieved by implementing a Strategy of Vertical Integration.

Our Agricultural investments:
    - Agricultural investments in Marrakech: 360 ha of marcona almonds.
    - Agricultural investments in Chile: 160 ha of mediterranean almonds.

Recent News

Confectonary Holding & Fundacion Adecco at International Women´s Day

Furthermore, Confectionary Holding has reiterated its commitment to diversity, equality, and integration, and is participating again this year in the...Leer Más

Confectionary Holding -- Gulfood (Dubai) & Foodex (Tokyo)

The Alicante-based food group will be participating in the food events, Gulfood in Dubai and Foodex 2017 in Tokyo, presenting its latest innovations...Leer Más

Black Friday & Confectionary Holding

With this popular initiative, the Alicante-based company hopes to take advantage of the e-commerce boom in order to bring forward Christmas...Leer Más

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