José Manuel Sirvent, new chairman of the TDC

José Manuel Sirvent, chairman of the agri-food group, Confectionary Holding (owner of the brands, 1880, Doña Jimena, El Lobo and Imperial Toledana), has been unanimously elected as new chairman of the Valencian Association of Nougat, Derivatives, and Chocolate Manufacturers (TDC).

TDC is currently made up of 27 companies manufacturing nougat, marzipan, and chocolate and specialising in industrial processes with almonds and other derivatives in the Valencian Autonomous Community. The member companies generate an aggregate turnover of €1.2 billion, and 20% of their production is sold abroad, most of it in North and South America.

José Manuel Sirvent, tenth generation of one of the most representative companies in the Christmas fare sector, and with a long track record in the business, is to take over from Jesús Pérez Llácer.

The new chairman TDC is thrilled to be taking on his new role, which he will combine with his responsibilities running the Confectionary Holding Group.

José Manuel Sirvent has thanked all TDC members for the trust they have placed in him to take over the job as chairman, and he has highlighted as one of the sector’s main challenges “the passing on to the consumer of the positive nutritional values of nougat and chocolate products and their derivatives as part of the Mediterranean diet, and winning Government support for this”.


About TDC

Founded in 1997, the Valencian Association of Nougat, Derivatives, and Chocolate Manufacturers has as its mission the representation, coordination, defence, and promotion, as well as the training and advising of its members. The institution’s Secretary General is D. Federico Monconill Gallo, professional with an extensive track record in the management of corporate interests in the sector.

TDC is a member of the Joint Commission for the Collective Bargaining Round Table of Spain’s nougat and marzipan manufacturers. What is more, it is the natural sponsor of the Jijona Nougat Foundation and it has a permanent mandate for investigating and reforming the sector’s Health & Safety Regulation.

TDC is also a member of the International Association, THE CHOCOALTE WAY, which was established in 2014 to promote, protect, and boost recognition of the heritage, artistic, historic, cultural, material and immaterial value linked to cacao and chocolate production in Europe.





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