Innovation represents more than 20% of Confectionary Holding’s turnover

The agro food group, Confectionary Holding, continues with its focus on innovation and craftsmanship for this Christmas campaign, and expects double-digit growth in sales compared with the last year, thanks in large part to the product innovations it has launched for Christmas, such as the 1880 Turrones Artesanos based on the original 15th century recipe.

The group is forecasting an upbeat campaign, due to the recovery in consumption and the growing demand for value-added products, and over the holiday period it is launching a whole range of new features on all its brands.

Over the last few years, innovation has been core to the company’s strategy, the aim having been to introduce into the market new products that meet consumers’ needs and demands, without of course forgetting the quality, tradition, and craftsmanship that characterise the agro food group, which boasts more than 300 years of history.

As highlighted by Confectionary Holding’s CEO, Andrés Cortijos, “innovation is one of the levers that enable us to grow while adapting to our consumers”. What is more, our aim is that consumers should be able to put together their Christmas hamper according to their needs and circumstances. This is made possible by the fact that Confectionary Holding manufactures all the different categories of Christmas fare.

The agro food group, which exports its products to more than 45 countries worldwide, also expects to increase its exports by 8% in the Christmas campaign. The European Union remains its main export market, followed by Latin America and the United States. But it is also opening new markets, like Asia and the Middle East, where demand has been growing for its Doña Jimena chocolates, as a Spain brand concept and souvenir, and also for its 1880 gourmet products.

This Christmas, Confectionary Holding’s production is likely to top 4 million kilograms, and the festive campaign is set to represent around 65% of the group’s total annual turnover.

During this campaign, what is the reference player in the Christmas fare market will continue to diversify its distribution channels and it expects mailing via its online store, www.confectionaryholdingshop.com, to rise by around 30%, the main destination being foreign markets.



Confectionary Holding is launching a new line of 1880 products, for which it is retrieving the original nougat recipe from the 15th century that uses only the best quality raw materials like almonds and honey. According to documents from that period, nougat, which was first introduced by the moors in the province of Alicante, in Jijona, was made with dried fruit and honey. 1880 is using the 15th century recipe and introducing it into 21st century consumer channels.

The new line of crafted 1880 products includes: Bloque Artesano de Turrón de Jijona and Bloque Artesano de Turrón de Alicante, Turrón de almendra y Miel, Turrón de Almendra Natural Tostada y Miel, Turrón de Chocolate negro 70% con Almendras, Polvorones Artesanos and Almendras rellenas artesanas; all are made with the highest quality raw materials.

It is basically a new family of 1880 products, which for Andrés Cortijos “takes us back to the 15th century, promoting the craftsmanship and origins of this Christmas fare’s production and ingredients, with all the guarantees and quality of 1880 products.”

Christmas of course would not be the same without the Bandejas 1880 trays, which, bolstered by their Product of the Year Award in 2016, are now regarded as a Christmas must-have. With a ready-to-use format, the different trays are made up of the best-selling Christmas fare products.

Turrones El Lobo presents a new Family Pack made up of three bars of the most classical and popular nougats (Jijona, Alicante, and the crunchy chocolate bar).

Meanwhile, Doña Jimena has also been innovating and presents a new nougat concept in the form of a fan, thereby consolidating its position as a typically Spanish and Andaluz product both in the domestic market and abroad. A highly original format that is fast becoming a reference product as a typical Spanish souvenir throughout the whole year.

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