Thanks to you… We celebrate 1 Year!

Next 1st October… We celebrate 1 Year! Thanks to you! The first online shop of a multi-brand manufacturer in the Christmas field, registered during its first year of operations an increase of the group exports as well as non-seasonal supply of the Christmas sweets..

Over 35% of online sales of Confectionary Holding, come from  international markets as highlighted by the Alicante Company today on the occasion. Specifically, Spain leads the online Sales of Confectionary Holding followed by other European countries like France, Italy and the UK. In addition, the multi-brand option achieved the biggest success because 70% of online orders from individuals shows preference for purchasing products of different brands in the food group. The classic nougats and Christmas gift packs are the most popular products.

The online store “has allowed us to expand our international presence, guiding all our supply chain, focussing on the consumer preferences, catching up with the final customer and the business sector, and bring even closer our products to consumers throughout the year.” was also the first Spanish website complying with the new EU regulation nº1169 / 2011 that discloses all food information for each product.

Furthermore, it also marks the first anniversary of General Confectionary Holding Group website where apart of binding all brands, the value is placed on the activity of a company that has become a best practice in the sector since 1725, offering general news of interest related to the group, corporate social responsibility area and a blog containing latest news of different brands.


CONFECTIONARY HOLDING expects to increase around 15% to 20% on the ONLINE ORDERS NEXT CHRISTMAS

During Christmas Season, Confectionary Holding expects to increase online orders around 15% to 20%.

In fact, the food group has already advanced in some of the great innovations for the Christmas season such as the 1880 new-look products, the new range of El Lobo truffles or the new specialties and assortments of Doña Jimena, including other surprises that will be soon offered to consumers on a “gold plate” this Christmas.



The Group celebrates the first anniversary of with exclusive promotions and sweepstakes for customers: free shipping for orders from 1-7 October and Draws.

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