Confectionary Holding Increases Sales

Confectionary Holding increases sales by 8% during the year 2014-2015.  By developing new products, investing in innovation and internationalization, Confectionary Holding has maintained an upward trend in its results despite of the decrease of the Christmas industry estimated at -1.25% in sales volume

From the management of the food group the results of its growth is a consequence of the launch of new formats, the promotion of lines of candy and chocolates, as well as adapting its strategy to the current market situation, oriented to the needs and requests of the consumers.

During the year 2014-2015 Confectionary Holding has expanded the presence of its brands abroad with the access to new markets such as Asia, while increasing exports to the United States and Europe, which remains the main import markets of nougat. Thus, the company has increased exports by 10% over the previous year and has allocated 24% of its production to international markets, exporting to over 50 countries across five continents.

It has also diversified sales channels promoting bulk good sales and online through www.confectionaryholdingshop.com, the first online multi-brand manufacturers shop in the Christmas campaign whit exclusive promotions and celebration of events such as Mother’s Day.

By brand, 1880 is the one that registered the highest growth in sales with an increase of 9.72%, according to official sources, reaching a 21% increase in areas such as the east-central Spain. Innovation in the holiday season with the launch of 1880 tray selection (“Bandeja Selección”) has meant for the company a growth of over 60% in the category of Christmas assortments while Candy, Nougat and Cream Caramel chocolates of 1880 have meant growth 50% within the category of chocolates. Good results have also been recorded at Turrones El lobo, thanks to the innovation of chocolate pralines, other varieties and a custom offer to consumers.  Regarding Doña Jimena, however, it stressed the creation of new formats and increased its presence in the selling point, becoming brand leader in the line of specialties for the consumer.

At Imperial Toledana, it marzipan figurines, Empiñonadas and new marzipan macaroons allowed to convert a deli product into consumer products through increasing competitiveness and cost efficiency of the food group.



 Andrés Cortijos up to now Deputy General Manager of Confectionary Holding, relieves Jose Manuel Sirvent as General Director of the food group. After 24 years in the general direction of the group and following the strategy of vertical integration of the company, Sirvent will combine administrator roles the management of agricultural holding of almonds cultivation owned by the company, in order to control the supply chain from the origin. Andrés Cortijos started in Confectionary Holding in 2008, having been Director of Processes and Operations. Internationally recognized expert in Supply Chain and specialist in the field of FMCG, was the artificer in 2012 of the acquisition and integration of product assets J. Jimenez (Doña Jimena), leading this business unit since.

Sagrario Sirvent is been appointed as Group Marketing Director, belonging to the tenth generation of the family business, as Deputy to the Director General of Confectionary Holding. Since 1999 she has played different roles in the company to achieve in 2006 the management of marketing and communications and multi-channel design the overall strategy of the food group.

Andres Cortijos Botella.

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