Confectionary Holding is planning to increase its sales from10 to 15%

In the words of José Manuel Sirvent CEO of Almendra y Miel, main causes of this national forecast are the reactivation of domestic consumption, the rise in sales, the recovering some of the extra pay of officials, as well as the online distribution through its web www.confectionaryholdingshop.com, first online multi-brand store of a manufacturer in Spain in the field of Christmas.

Sirvent also stressed that the Group has focused all its commercial activities and marketing considering the customer the heart of all decisions, which is also reflected in the new group, such as Bandeja Selección (Selection Tray) 1880 and promotions in the point of sale. To Sirvent this fact, along with the acquisition of a new market sector, is another main key for sales increase of Confectionary Holding. According to the CEO of Almendra y Miel, “We are witnessed of a generational leap in organizing the Christmas meals, and trademarks of Confectionary Holding are reaching those middle-aged consumers who are now in charge of holiday shopping”.

The Alicante group also expects to increase its exports by around 15% through access to new markets such as Asia and exports to the United States and Europe, which remain the main import markets of nougat.

Another interesting fact Sirvent explained is that “with launches like 1880 Bandeja Selección we are involving new consumers to the category, as these consist of a selection of products to share and give during this time, many people tries it acquiring later some of  the products in this tray or the complete selection Tray. Something very important for categories such as this, in which consumption is mature and stable”.


 Like every Christmas, Confectionary Holding remains committed to innovation and the introduction of new products, flavors and formats in each of its brands in order to make the consumption of Christmas products accessible so people can enjoy this time of year in the current market situation.

1880 wants us to feel these special days and surprises by launching Bandeja  Selección 1880, starring in the new TV spot of 1880, which brings in an elegant tray ready to serve an accurate assortment of eight different flavors and over 35 portions of nougat, Christmas sweets and chocolates. In this way, 1880 puts it on a platter making the consumption easier, and also conservation and presentation of the nougats, individually wrapped, the selection goes from traditional Alicante nougat and Guirlache, to innovation, as nougat candy, Dulce de Leche (milk caramel) and Bombonias 1880, among others.

In the field of innovation, we can highlight the 1880 Nougat bonbon and Dulce de Leche 1880,  and also praline El Lobo flavoured of nougat, pineapple, three chocolate, coffee and Dulce de Leche (milk caramel), while in the field of marzipan are novelty  marzipan almond from Imperial Toledana  expanding this way the range of marzipan  of the brand. Among the more than 500 references of Confectionary Holding portfolio we can also highlight the Trocitos (bites) de Doña Jimena, the result of the know-how developed with fillings.

Confectionary Holding does not forget about those who want or need to care for their health, so they also have a significant presence of products such as suitable products for Coeliacs, gluten free, no added sugar, and the use of natural raw materials with proven benefits for health such as almonds and other nuts.

Commercial and point of sale promotions are also other actions that the company will launch during Christmas with the target of enabling consumers to combine their shopping according to their preferences through 3×2 actions or 2nd unit at the 50% on all products of the brand El Lobo, Doña Jimena and Imperial Toledo, depending on dates and shops.



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