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The Spanish nougat El lobo sweetens the performance of a musical

El Lobo sweetens the performance of “The Wolf and Seven Little Goats” musical. The work will be performance at Galileo Theatre of Madrid  until the next month of January.

The Spanish nougat company wants to  hand out its product to the attendees as the crunchy chocolate, the favorite for children.

Moreover, El Lobo designs a funny stickers collection about  El Lobo, used among the company history. El Lobo brand is part of the Spanish families and Christmas Holidays.

The Galilean theatre will be impregnated with a totally Christmas atmosphere  since the acquaintance jingle of nougats The Wolf will sound also to the beginning and at the end of every performance. The Wolf and Seven Little Goats … and The red Little Cap  … three little Pigs? … And …? It is a version of the classic one of the Brothers Grimm re-converted and brought to our days. Entertained and crazy musical and with an unexpected end.


Solidary performance at 1st November: Next Saturday, the 1st from November at 12:30 h, nougats El Lobo will celebrate the performance number 300 and its collaboration with the Aladina Foundation. Nougats El Lobo wants to be present with its products in this special performance. There will be presents children from the Foundation. The earnings of the tickets will be destined to the Aladina Foundation works.

In this way, Nougats El Lobo informs one more Christmas with organisms without spirit of profit with the aim that all the homes could enjoy and share this epoch of illusion as Christmas. El Lobo collaborates with Unicef’s infantile programs, Manuel Peláez Foundation,  Spanish bank of Food, or the campaign ” A toy, An illusion “, for example. Every year, the Aladina Foundation  helps more than 1.000 children and families to recover the smile. The actors David Ávila and Albert Gràcia (who acts as Timón and Pumbaa in “El Rey León”) will collaborate with nougats El Lobo, to mage smile with this special and “sweet” performance.


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