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1880 & National Celiac Disease

1880 & National Celiac Disease

Today (May 27th) is the National day of celiac disease. We ratify our commitment with our GLUTEN-free products. After our increase in sales of last Christmas campaign, We continue adapting to the market demands. In our commitment to society and quality, we have been elaborating products with gluten free because we meet the needs of celiac persons, so that, currently, a varied number of products have certificate of the Federation of associations of Celiacs in Spain (FACE) as the Almond & honey soft Turrón (Turrón de Jijona), Almond & Honey brittle Turrón (Turrón de Alicante), Almond & Toasted Egg Yolk Soft Turrón or Almond & Honey brittle round (Torta de Turrón de Alicante); as well as the products with no sugar added of the previous categories.

Other products gluten free are for example Almond & caramel Brittle Turrón, fruit, Almond & Cinnamon Soft Turrón, and other formats of Turrón de Alicante & Jijona like portions or mini rounds.

This offer of Gluten Free products that we have been carrying out for years with innovation and research is aiming to adapt the product lines to the new challenges and needs of the current markets, always maintaining our levels of quality and demands. We have to take into account that these line products are always available in our Online Shop through de year:

All this complement the properties of Nougat. Its raw materials are natural, like almond and honey, ingredients with beneficial properties and become the nougat in a healthy & tasty product that integrates perfectly with the Mediterranean diet.


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