Confectionary Holding collaborates with the Food Bank of AlicantE

Confectionary Holding collaborates with the Food Bank of Alicante, from its production plant in Jijona (Alicante), place of origin of the 1880 and El lobo brands, donating about 1100 kilos of product for the most disadvantaged people.

We have our main commitment to society and the environment; Therefore, year after year, we work with foundations, food banks and solidary platforms, in order to be able to contribute and help those who most need it.

We are aware of our responsibility as a company involved in the society and therefore, We return to collaborate to help disadvantaged people in our environment.



Confectionary Holding and Adecco Foundation collaborate to employment integration of women at risk of exclusion

In its commitment to society and the environment, the group Confectionary Holding is committed to various initiatives that contribute to increase social awareness. This time, for the second consecutive year with the brands 1880, Doña Jimena, El Lobo and Imperial Toledana, Confectionary Holding supports the awareness campaign #EmpleoParaTodas that, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, is launching this Foundation.

#EmpleoParaTodas promotes the employment project for women at risk of exclusion from the Adecco Foundation helping thousands of victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities, with unshared family responsibilities and also to over 50 long-term unemployed women. In 2015, more than 4,000 women in Spain found a way out of the complex socio-economic exclusion through this program

To Confectionary Holding, employment is the solution against social exclusion faced by many underprivileged women in our country. This is why has joined as a partner to this awareness campaign committed to work integration, gender diversity support and equality between men and women.





1880 Collection has been chosen as ‘Product of the Year 2016′

The 1880 Colletion of Confectionary Holding was elected Product of the Year 2016 by consumers, Grand innovation award. The award is an international recognition of the efforts to offer innovative products from the food group which includes the brands; Nougat 1880, El Lobo, Clair de Lune, Doña Jimena and Imperial Toledana

The Product of the Year Award is celebrated in 36 different countries and is the only event where consumers choose, by direct voting, the most innovative consumer products of the year. The product candidates in this edition have been evaluated by over 10,000 consumers and relate to launches into the Spanish market for more than 50 different companies. Gala Grand Prize for Innovation Award will be held 16th December at Club Astoria Barcelona.

The consumer assessment highlights that the product is more appreciated by young people between 18 and 24 years old, an important fact for the Alicante group because it involves the incorporation of young consumers, who are the usual consumers during the Christmas shopping period. The results also suggest that Tray Selection is the most valued by women, the ones who traditionally do shopping.

Confectionary Holding has chosen the format ‘ready to use’ (open and ready to eat) as the new trend in consuming Christmas sweets. The Christmas selection comes in a customized assortment ready to serve on the table. Functionality and comfort are the added values of the Product of the Year 2016, which combines the tradition of Alicante nougat filled with almonds with current market trends such as nougat candy and chocolate pancakes, eight flavours and more than 35 different portions. Consumers who have valued Alicante group’s effort to offer innovative products have also positively noted that this selection of 450 grams of brand products 1880 “maximizes consumer emotional index”

The Alicante group expects a good Christmas season in the commercialization of Christmas sweets and expects to increase sales by 15 to 20% in the markets in which it operates. Christmas campaign sales represents between 60 and 65% of the group’s turnover.

In this Christmas season, Confectionary Holding is also committed to diversifying sales channels and expects to increase shipments from its online store by 25%. A new feature this year will be that the Christmas sweets of the Alicante group, in particular, Assorted Selection Product of the Year 2016 and Innovation Award will also be available through Amazon.

www.confectionaryholdingshop.com, the first online shop of a multi-brand manufacturer within the Christmas sector, has contributed in its first year of operation to the deseasonalisation the offer of the Christmas sweets. So, over 35% of online sales of Confectionary Holding correspond to international markets. Spain leads the online food group sales followed by France, Italy and the UK.

NEW TREND IN CONSUMPTION of Christmas sweets

Confectionary Holding CEO, Andres Cortijo, has also indicated that they expect a slight shift in the consumption trend of Christmas sweets and points out in this regard to an increased consumption of higher value-added products. In his words, being elected Product of the Year is an award for quality, trust and innovation, because the seal is supported by the strictest and most objective evaluation processes, and because it is done through a representative sample of the Spanish consumer market.

In addition, he stressed that in recent years there is a new trend in the consumption of Christmas sweets where the consumer prefers product lines that “provide functionality to consumption, range of choice on the table, and innovation and quality to be shared during those special days”.

Regarding flavours, although the importance of traditional nougat and nougat Jijona and Alicante that still rule in its category, Cortijo points out that the consumer is becoming more open-minded to innovations and new trends in flavours with smoother textures, artisanal and high quality products. He also highlights the growth of healthy and fitness products that can be enjoyed by everyone: celiac, gluten free, no added sugar, and the use of natural raw materials.



Confectionary Holding continues to promote innovation and the introduction of new flavours and formats. The main new features of this year focus on providing all the 1180 Christmas on Four assortments, along  with tablets of traditional classic nougat consumers will find the most demanding and representative products of all Christmas categories: nougat, marzipan, sweets and chocolates.

For this campaign, offers all Christmas in four 1880 assortments.  Along with 1180 Assorted Selection, Confectionary Holding also launches the 1880 Marzipan assortment that consists of a selection of the most popular marzipan (marzipan figures, Empiñonadas, Marquesas gluten free and Yolk Bites). The Christmas sweet assortment offers from polvorones, Mini Mantecados, Almond Stuffed Pastry, while the Chocolates assortment includes Chocolate Almond pancakes, Bombonias, Nougat chocolates, Caramel chocolates and Hazelnut Mini pralines.

Product innovation highlights the  1880 Marquesas Gluten free Celiac Suitable option. El Lobo, the new praline  with chocolate and biscuit  and the new range of truffles.

Doña Jimena surprises us with traditional Polvorones, Mini Cream sweets, Anise donuts and pastries, traditional artisan sweets Assortment and assortment of chocolates Doña Jimena

The Alicante food group is again represented in shops with a full and varied commercial offer of brands and products, completely adapted and customized to the new habits and demands of consumers..


Confectionary Holding & LPRL


The Confectionary Holding Group participates today in the Conference "20 ANIVESARIO DE LA LEY DE PREVENCIÓN DE RIESGoS LABORALES" that takes place today at the University of Jaén, in the Salón de Grados of building A3.

Rafael Mellado, responsible of the Production Plant of Jaén

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