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Confectionary Holding & ISM 2015

The Alicante nougat group will participate from 1 to 4 February in the most important event of sweets and pastry sector, the German fair ISM Cologne, among other international events scheduled, aiming to strengthen its internationalization and present their innovations As indicated by José Manuel Sirvent, during 2015 the group expects to increase its presence in certain markets such as Asia and throughout the Americas.

In this regard, he stressed that in 2014 the group allocated the 24% of its production to international markets, exporting to over 45 countries on five continents.

According to Sirvent, “export forecasts continue on the path of growth in the coming years, we expect a positive development in other channels, such as consumer goods, and shopping online through our corporate website, both domestically and Europe“.
EU countries such as France, UK, Belgium, Portugal and Germany, with US markets, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina and Latin America remain the main target of production of Alicante group. In addition, Sirvent has stated that the target is being reached and will continue to promote in Asia during 2015.

Among the exported products, Sirvent noted that in Latin America succeeds the brand concept Spain and souvenir with assorted specialties of Doña Jimena, among other products of Christmas sweets. “This is why the high presence and brand awareness in worldwide airports, especially in Latin America, besides in Spain” – Sirvent added.

Overall, the Americas chooses crunchy nougat and nougat Alicante, while in Asian countries chocolate and truffles are preferred.

CEO of Almendra y Miel also assessed the Christmas season as “very positive” in the domestic market. In this sense, has advanced that although in the coming weeks they will announce the final results, the nougat group has increased sales as a result of the commercial activities and developments such as assorted Tray Selection 1880, and the new line of Pralines of El Lobo with innovative flavours like nougat and Dulce de leche (milk caramel), among other factors.


Confectionary Holding presents at ISM its international strategic lines for 2015, in addition to its innovations in Christmas sweets and chocolate industry for brands 1880, Doña Jimena, El Lobo, Imperial Toledana and Clair de Lune.

According to the General Manager of the Group, the strategic lines of Confectionary Holding are defined by a model of supply chain which provides value to the customer.

According to Sirvent, “this is possible thanks to the consolidation of agro industrial project farms in Marrakech for almond cropping developed by the group with more than 500 hectares under production of Mediterranean varieties, from “Marcona” Almond of higher quality to other common varieties”. Note that this development comprises not only the part of cropping, but also the industrial processing of almonds.

During the German event, Confectionary Holding will also release its products in the international market as the new 1880 Nougat Candy and Dulce de Leche (milk caramel), and the new assorted TRAY SELECTION 1880 (Bandeja Selección).

New formats of 1880 in portions of Jijona, Alicante, guirlache (almonds, honey wafers), nougat pancakes from Alicante and chocolate with almonds among the new range of PRALINES from El Lobo; nougat, dulce de leche (milk caramel), pineapple, Coffee and three chocolates.

Doña Jimena will present its upgrades and image formats and will announce the new development made in the category of Marzipans under Imperial Toledana Imperial brand, which is made by a innovative system that increases the competitiveness and efficiency of this product as assured by the Group..

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